Kingborough Snake Catcher

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Do you have a snake on your property that needs to be safely removed? I am fully trained, permitted, and equipped to handle venomous snakes and offer professional and humane relocation services.

I am willing and able to catch snakes in the Kingborough area in Tasmania, including Kingston, Blackmans Bay, Margate, Snug, and anywhere in between.

Contact me on 0438 527 478 or through my contact form for a quick and efficient solution to your snake problem. (If for some reason I am unavailable, I will provide an alternative contact option!)

If you have a snake on your property, it’s best to ensure any pets are contained away from the snake, and that you can keep track of where the snake is until a catcher arrives.

Basic Tasmanian Snake Identification

There are 3 species of snake in Tasmania, all are native, give birth to live young, and are venomous. They can look quite similar to one another. One of the main ways to distinguish a Tiger Snake from a Copperhead is the “frontal scale” (the large scale in the middle of the the top of the head between the eyes). On a Tiger Snake this scale is roughly as wide as it is long, on a Copperhead the scale is longer than it is wide. A White-lipped Snake’s frontal scale is more similar to a Copperhead (longer than wide), however they have a white upper lip that distinguishes them from the other two species.

Snake Catching and Relocation


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